Re: [css3-page] New WD for CSS paged Media

Hi Alan,

Thanks for your comments [1] on CSS3 Paged Media [2]. 

> I have to agree that the values for fit seems wrong.

The values will be changed in the next release to 'fill', 'contain'
(rather than 'meet'), and 'cover' (rather than 'slice').  'Hidden' will
be removed.

>So my suggestion, to keep things consistent, would be to replace fit
>something like replaced-size or scale with a syntax like

'fit' (to be renamed 'image-fit') scales a source image in a specified
manner wrt a destination rectangle (established by 'width', 'height',
and min/max-width/height).  What you are requesting seems to be the
ability to specify the destination rectangle size based on some scaling
of the source image.  The WG feels that capability would best be
addressed by another property.

> Though at this point it would probably be best to start by removing
fit from 
> CSS3 Paged. It has nothing to do there in the first place.

To reiterate the rationale, the motivations are primarily pragmatic.
CSS3 is a huge task, and will
take many years to complete.  Some modules will be mature much earlier
than others.  This feature was initially driven by print market
scenarios, and so makes some sense here; it's logically a better fit for
the Box module [3], but we don't expect that to be ready for
implementation and testing any time soon.  It's primarily our desire to
see it implemented sooner rather than later that's led to its inclusion
in Paged Media.  We expect a future revision to move this property to
Thanks again for your comments.  If you strongly disagree with any of
our resolutions, please let us know within 10 days.  Otherwise, I will
assume they are acceptable to you.

Best wishes,



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