Re: [css3-page] New WD for CSS paged Media

I have to agree that the values for fit seems wrong. But ultimately I 
displeased with the property in general.

I would have preferred something more generic and hopefully something that 
could be similar to the scaling techniques to be used in CSS3 Backgrounds.

It is interesting that the two methods of scaling are so different:

Fit can only be used to scale images to either width, height or both, and 
background-size can only be used to scale to certain sizes. Of course 
background-size is the more powerfull here because it can be used for fitting 
by specifying one or two values of 100%. Neither of the two properties can be 
used for scaling according to intrinsic size (e.g. scale image to double 

So my suggestion, to keep things consistent, would be to replace fit with 
something like replaced-size or scale with a syntax like background-size.

Though at this point it would probably be best to start by removing fit from 
CSS3 Paged. It has nothing to do there in the first place.



Received on Sunday, 15 October 2006 21:08:59 UTC