CSS Tips and Tricks: Tabbed Interface Using the target selector

Regarding the following page:

It's a cute trick,
but, whiile the target selector used in the second example works fine in 
the target selector does not work in at least some versions of IE browsers 
(IE 6.0 for example).

I think a note should be added to this effect.

Also, regarding the source code for example 2 (you refer readers to the 
source code for this example):
you have div's that make up the 'tabs' inside of a div (or pointed to by the 
div??) whose class is  "tabs".

The divs that tabs points to/encloses are set to display inline
(rather than as  block)

div.tabs > div {
  display: inline}		/* We want the buttons all on one line */

which also does not for some reason work in internet explorer

(I've only been able to get span to display inline in ie 6.0, also of course 
things like anchors and such; all this time I thought I had something eating 
my code & perhaps I do, but it seems that the problem is with the ie 6.0 
browser in general because the W3C's divs will not display inline either in 
ie 6.0 !)

Again I think you need a note that this particular code does not work in 
some browsers.

(Otherwise this page looks confusing in ie 6.0)



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Received on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 18:12:47 UTC