[CSS3] What about "behavioral extensions to CSS"?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering what was going on about the "Behavioral extensions to 
CSS" working draft [1]. It hasn't been updated since 1999, but it seems 
very interresting extensions to me.

Specifically, in the first part, the "Event Properties", and "Script 
blocks" paragraphs seem to me quite stable, and maybe not too hard to 
implement by user agents (since they only use existing technologies: CSS 
parser, script interpreter, and events). It would also help 
webdeveloppers a lot.

Why hasn't this WD been updated since then? Is no one in the W3C 
interested in it, or is it because of technical difficulties at the time?

The "Open issues" part at the end of the document says that:
1.    it depends on the DOM Level 2, wich was a WD at the time, but is 
now a Recommendation, so this point is now useless, and that
2.    the order of event handler invocation needs to be specified (in 
wich order the DOM events, events specified in HTML attributes and 
events specified in CSS will be called). I don't know if it is that 
important to specify a specific order now. Maybe it could be left to the 
UA, or if the developper really needs a specific order (wich will 
probably be very rare), he would tell it in the CSS. I see 2 easy ways 
to do this:
   a) on a per-event basis, after the quoted script, like this:
     onclick: "myEventListener(this)" order(attrEvents, CSSEvents, 
   b) Or on an element basis:
     div {
       onclick: "handleClick(this)";
       onmouseover: "handleMouseOver(this)";
       eventsorder: attrEvents, CSSEvents, DOMEvents;

Hope it helps.

Jordan Osete

[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/1999/WD-becss-19990804

Received on Thursday, 4 May 2006 20:20:40 UTC