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> On Friday 21 July 2006 07:05, wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This is a QA Review comment for "CSS3 Advanced Layout Module"
>> 2005-12-15
>> 1st WD
>> About
>> What's happening when something like that is written in the CSS?
>>  body > * { display: "ab"
>>                         "cd" }
> Not sure what the question is. All children of the body will be  
> template
> elements. Presumably some of their children in turn will have
> 'position' properties, but if not, all that happens is that the right
> half of the window is unused (the 'a' slots in the template get  
> content
> by virtue of being the default slot, the other slots remain empty.)

Interesting. I was wondering if it would generate a cascade difficult  
to handle by browsers. A kind of fractal cascade, but it seems not  
by your answer. Testing will be interesting when you will start to  
design test cases.

Is there a repository already for CSS 3 Test Cases?

Thanks Bert!

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