[CSS 3 Selectors] :empty -- text nodes?

(Apologies if this comes through twice, but it didn't appear until after 
other people's from later.)

Hi everyone,

I have a slightly different question, after Garrett jogged my memory.

When using pseudo selectors to do things like identify external links
(anything that starts with http for example), you run into problems
between text and images links.

Essentially, because an image is a child, but text isn't, you can't
differentiate them.
You can't stop it for floated image links, which looks quite strange:

I asked it here first:

and Philippe Wittenbergh then wrote:
"I'm not sure if any browser supports E:empty decently. FF appears to,
but for things with literally nothing inside, e.g. <p></p>. Perhaps also
for just whitespace, but I'd need to check that. AFAIK that's what the
spec says, which is a shame, because then you can't target text-only nodes."

Is there someway that to target text-only nodes? Or perhaps nodes which
aren't empty but don't have a child? (I'm not sure if that's different!)

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