Re: Regarding Comma Separation

--- Ben Ward <> wrote:

> At the moment background-image is a sting, but using
> an indexed syntax changes it to an array. That's
> hugely relevant to DOM Scripting (and I suspect
> also to the internals of existing web browsers).
> It's not backwards compatible with the 'old'
> background property, so it's really not an option.

The new arrays in the CSS-OM could have plural names.
Setting a value for backgroundImages[0] would also set
a value for backgroundImage.

This is similar to how setting a value for can also set values for,, etc.

This method would also make testing for support of
multiple backgrounds easier.

Alternatively, the UA could just grab any assignments
to backgroudImage and automatically set it to
backgroundImage[0]. It's going to have to examin all
assignments anyway.

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Received on Tuesday, 17 January 2006 01:49:21 UTC