Re: Proposed ::last-line and ::last-letter selectors


You ask for a use, I gave you an use.

WAI guideline says that? well, stop putting blink as an option for
text-decoration. It's stupid to have something just MUSN'T use. You
say that is crazy to add something that you don't know if will be used
or not, but don't remove something you try to avoid!.

And no, it isn't better a gif, it can't be scaled, a simple character is better.

Sincerely, I can't understand you.

On 8/15/06, Alastair Campbell <> wrote:
> Andrés wrote:
> > It doesn't matter how the text is wrapped, I'm using ::last-letter.
> Apologies, I misunderstood, I was still thinking of the last line.
> However, (with an accessibility hat on), shouldn't this be accessible
> via the HTML? Wouldn't an animated gif (with a width set in EMs and
> appropriate alt text) be better for this purpose?
> (Ignoring the WAI guideline that says "don't use blinking/flashing
> content" for the moment ;)
> Assuming it was implemented, I can't imagine using it, as it would look
> strange. If it did the same thing as the first-letter, applying
> typographical effects would do things to the last letter, which doesn't
> make much sense when reading.
> Even assuming there were theoretical uses, I certainly wouldn't
> prioritise this in the same league as getting things like CSS3's layout
> ready and out the door, or providing a selector for text nodes:
> -Alastair

Andrés Delfino

Received on Tuesday, 15 August 2006 14:52:10 UTC