RE: Downloadable fonts and image replacement


From: Bert Bos <>
>    CSS3 will include content-replacement on all elements, not just
>    pseudo-elements. See the <uri> definition in
>    It lets you do things like this:
>       /* Use image, failing that use element's content. */
>       H1 { content: url(sparkly_heading_text.png), contents; }
>     Fonts and image replacement -
>       [...]
>       - Accessibility considerations for image-text replacement

I think that the following should be equivalent:

   H1 { content: url(sparkly_heading_text.png); }
   H1 { content: url(sparkly_heading_text.png), contents; }

...because I think that authors will use the first example and expect the 
contents to be used as a fallback. Many authors don't test to disable images 
so they won't realise that the contents aren't used as a fallback, and thus 
the contents won't be accessible to some users.

Simon Pieters

Received on Tuesday, 25 April 2006 10:23:41 UTC