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On Thu, Sep 29, 2005 at 04:12:54PM -0700, Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:
> Bert,
> I would like to ask question common to both html::contetEditable and 
> css::editable solutions:
> How edited content supposed to be saved/sent?

First of all, forget about forms. This has nothing to do with them. 
Forget about clients and servers, too. I'll come back to them later,
but you don't need them.

The goal is simply to create an HTML file with an HTML editor (or an
XML file, but let's take HTML) and to make that as easy as possible. 
Many editors (Dreamweaver, GoLive, Nvu, Quanta, etc.) provide
templates. But their template formats aren't interchangeable, even
though most of them are very similar and simple in functionality. So
why not create a generic solution?

Then the answer to the question of how to save the file after editing
is clear: just press the "Save" button.

Back to servers and clients, because editing files remotely with HTTP
PUT is a wonderful experience that is hard to imagine until you have
tried it. (Unfortunately, Nvu makes it more complex than needed; in
Amaya, there is no difference between saving remotely or locally.) If
the template you are editing is a file on some server, then the Save
button by default should save back to the same location on that server
(or to the "Location" header in the server's response). That is what
HTTP PUT is for. If the PUT is successful, all you get back is a
simple "OK" (meaning: the file has been installed successfully at the
URL you gave). Which is quite different from a GET or POST, which give
you back a new document, but don't change the files on the server.

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