Re: [CSS2][css3-text] Text-Shadow: computed value

On Sun, 25 Sep 2005, Christian Biesinger wrote:
>  Computed value:  specified values (except for initial and inherit)
> However, there are two different ways allowed for specifying the text 
> shadow. Does this mean that I need to store which order was used in 
> order to produce the identical result again? Or can I pick either 
> serialization? (for the DOM getComputedStyle method)

As far as CSS goes, it doesn't matter. (Just like 'red' and '#F00' are 
identical as far as CSS goes).

If you are attempting to implement serialisation according to my 
canonicalisation proposal [1], then you'd want to serialise to the first 
possible form according to the syntax. So effectively:

   <color>? <length> <length> <length>?

However, this is not an official standard.


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