Re: [CSS2][css3-text] Text-Shadow: computed value

On Sunday 2005-09-25 23:22 +0200, Christian Biesinger wrote:
> got a question about CSS3's text-shadow computed values. The spec says:
>  Computed value: 	specified values (except for initial and inherit)
> However, there are two different ways allowed for specifying the text 
> shadow. Does this mean that I need to store which order was used in 
> order to produce the identical result again? Or can I pick either 
> serialization? (for the DOM getComputedStyle method)

The "Computed value" lines in CSS2.1 are not that specific.  The CSS2.1
specification doesn't provide a way to map computed values to strings:
it describes them only clearly enough so that behavior defined in CSS is
unambiguous (specifically, inheritance).  Perhaps it's worth clarifying
that for CSS3, but getComputedStyle already differs enough from the
CSS2.1 definition of computed values that it's probably not worth it.

However, this "Computed value" line is actually incorrect, since
'text-shadow' contains lengths within it.  It should actually say
something like (using CSS2.1 terminology) "as specified, except with
lengths converted to absolute lengths".


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