Re: Are there W3C definitions of presentation and content?

White Lynx wrote:

> How about link attached to comment or explanation added via 
> CSS generated content to make document more accessible?

Again, that's behaviour...and in this case something the UA should take 
care of. Goes back to the idea that we need a standardised way of 
marking things like comments (microformats, a completely new markup 
language, or an extension to plain vanilla XHTML).

> How browser should guess what to do with all these elements?

Either through native support, or through an additional language (I saw 
XBL mentioned earlier in the thread). I can't understand why you want to 
basically piggy-back onto a style language, perverting its nature to 
serve a different purpose. Is it because stylesheets are already 
understood by browsers? If so, they'd still have to be modified to 
understand any proposed linking it's far more reasonable 
to me to standardise on something like XBL and get UA developers to 
implement that.

> Style sheet is basically letter to browser that says: 
> /* 
> Dear browser, 
> Please treat all these stuff as follows (style sheet attached below), 
> Sincerely yours, 
> Page Author 
> */

Not to my understanding:

Dear browser,
Please *display* all this stuff as follows

Nothing about how it should behave, or treat it, or whatever else other 
than presentation.

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