Re: [CSS21] Paged Media

I forgot to add a few details:

  The page-breaking algorithms talks about margins, it could be nice to 
specify more clearly that this means page-break-after/before should follow 
margin collapse rules. Meaning that if the first child of an element has 
page-break-before:avoid and it collapse its top margin with the top margin of 
its ancestor the ancestor should "inherit" the page-break-before:avoid. The 
same way, a self-collapsing block merges page-break-after with the preceding 
block and with page-break-before with the next block.

  There should also be an implicit page-break-before:avoid before every 
first-child that _does not_ collapse with its parent top margin, and a 
corresponding page-break-after:avoid for the last-child. Could be added to 
list of suggestion as "avoid breaking before the first child or after the 
last child of a block".


Received on Tuesday, 20 September 2005 19:39:39 UTC