Re: [CSS3 Text] word-space-symbol Property

Sorry if anyone is getting this message twice, it doesn't seem to have
come back through the list after 24 hours, so I'm resending:

> You could say that the chosen symbol is printed in the middle of the 
> space, whether or not it fits (the middle dot nearly always fits), but 
> if Ethiopian typography requires that the space is never narrower than 
> the Ethiopian space, this presents an extra complication for the line 
> breaking algorithm.

Yes, the Ethiopic wordspace should be centered within the space between
two words.  The ethiopic wordspace will have at a minimum a few pixels
of white space padding on both left and right sides, it never contacts
a neighboring letter.  This minimal padding space is there by design in
a font, the padding space can be thought of as elastic and allowed to
stretch symetrically for justification, etc.

> As for the other values:
>   - nb-space: I assume this is a non-breaking space. This is already
>     handled by the 'white-space' property.

nb-space is meant for non-breaking.

>  - aegean | ideographic | tibetan | ugaritic: what are these?
>    Ideographic scripts don't put spaces between words, do they?

This list of space types I lifted from the last paragraph of section
7.1 in the CSS3 Text draft.  I added them for completely but honestly
do not know what rules apply to them, this should be vetted with
domain experts.



Received on Tuesday, 20 September 2005 11:49:17 UTC