Re: Browsers will never get it right [was Re:Blocked-base parsing?]

when Internet Explorer no longer control the majority of the market

The great majority of mankind is satisfied with appearances, as though 
they were realities.
On Sep 16, 2005, at 12:23 PM, Orion Adrian wrote:

> On 9/16/05, Daniel Glazman <> 
> wrote:
>> Guys, I have this feeling, the whole thread is far too off-topic and 
>> bloated.
>> It's just unreadable, and to be honest, painful.
>> Can we _please_ switch back to more CSS-centric and technical 
>> discussions
>> instead of dreaming of a parallel world ?
> These are real problem about the future of CSS and markup. It has to
> deal with how it interacts with id's and classes and other languages.
> It also has to do with the role of layout versus formatting? I
> consider it a very important conversation to be had.
> When exactly should we talk about this?
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> Orion Adrian

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