Re: Browsers will never get it right [was Re:Blocked-base parsing?]

> David, good point about Wiki languages (there are few of them in fact with the
> similar concept ).
> I would extend this further: appearance of Wiki languages highlights the
> problem:
> HTML is not a content definition language but rather a strange mix of
> content *and* layout definitions. At least it is used this way now. This mix I
> guess
> is the source of many conceptual problems in HTML and CSS.

While HTML doesn't have that many layout-heavy structures (colspan,
rowspan, div and span come to mind), you can't really talk about HTML
without talking about CSS. What it does have is a lack of distinction
between sections of a page, relying on merging them all together.
> Wiki (and Blog, btw) languages are just an attempt to clear content from layout
> information.
> To define layout it should be a different language or just one additional
> tag/element in HTML+ suitable for
> defining layout and clearly separates layout definition and content definition.
> Sort of...
> <htmlplus>
>    <frame layout="gridbag" role="showcase" >
>         <frame name="east" role="sidebar">   ...simplified html markup here...
> </frame>
>         <frame name="west" role="content" scrollable> ...simplified html markup
> here... </frame>
>    </frame>
>  </htmlplus>
> ('frame' here is not a exactly <frame> in current HTML)

We're still linking content and layout explicitly assuming that one
piece of content gets one layout when one piece of content could
concievably have a ridiculously high number of layouts available to


Orion Adrian

Received on Thursday, 15 September 2005 23:34:42 UTC