Re: block-based parsing?

On 9/13/05, Philip TAYLOR <> wrote:
> Orion Adrian wrote:
>  > It's been suggested many times; it's been rejected many times.
>  >
>  > To sum up the reasoning:
>  >
>  > Browsers can't be trusted to accurately say what features they do and
>  > don't support. So they may say they support a feature and go ahead
>  > with the properties in the block, but it won't in reality support it
>  > and you'll end up with a mess.
>  >
>  > That about cover it everybody?
> Maybe, but it's a pretty weak reason for rejecting what appears to
> me to be an excellent and constructive suggestion.  If a browser
> lies about its abilities, then who cares whether the document
> renders as intended in that browser ?  Surely what matters is
> that the document renders as intended /in a browser that doesn't
> tell lies/ ?  My two yuans-worth.

I'm not saying it's not a good suggestion, but I am saying what the
reasoning for rejection was. I appologize if I came off as dismissive.


Orion Adrian

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