Re: Are href and src part of CSS?

> blockquote {link:attr(cite);} 

I think you meant:

> blockquote {-o-link:attr(cite);} 

This is not what I believe Jonathon is talking about.  What he wants
to do is to would be equivalent to:

.fredlink {-o-link:url(http://....../........./fred.html)

In other words he wants an indirection in the content, and is trying to
use the fact that CSS provides indirection in the styling to achieve

Going back to -o-link, I believe that this would be considered behavioural,
and therefore outside the the scope of CSS.  Behavioural languages using
CSS selectors have been proposed (BECSS?).

Moreover, in standardisation timeframes, this is unnecessary, because
XHTML 2 allows any element to be the origin of a hyperlink.

The more general way of doing this is to use entities, but HTML browsers
don't implement SGML that well and, for XHTML, I can't remember whether or
not non-validating parsers are required to look at the internal DTD
subset, and in any case, there is a strong move from SGML like DTDs to
ASN.1 like schemas.

Received on Saturday, 10 September 2005 10:38:41 UTC