Re: [OT] page layouts

[ Off topic: how-to question; product implementation issues ]
> Hello, I need help in finding a CSS standard-compliant solution.  Desperately.

This is the wrong place.  This is where the standards are set.  What is
discussed here is proposals for how a standards compliant browser should
work (and clarifications of existing specifications).  

Your fundamental problem is that you are not using a standards compliant
browser.  A secondary problem is that you are not following the spirit of
the standards, e.g. if you followed the spirit there would be little or
no use of tables and class names would reflect the semantics and not
the presentation.

You can get quite close to what you want on standards compliant browsers.
In particular your pseudo frames should be block level elements 
not in any table.

Another recent reply suggested an appropriate place, but I would
add comp.infosystems.www.* on Usenet.

Received on Friday, 9 September 2005 21:21:46 UTC