Re: page layouts

On Friday 09 September 2005 17:37, Bruno Melloni wrote:
> Hello, I need help in finding a CSS standard-compliant solution. 
> Desperately.
> We have a web application that *>must<-- be made to fit in the visible
> portion of the browser window (without browser scrolling) and without
> frames.  There are portions (header, left menu, footer) that are fixed
> sized and are allowed to "collapse" to minimum size.  But there are
> portions (the main body and often pieces of it) that need to get 100% of
> the remaining visible space.  The footer must always be visible.
You need to get the BODY and the TABLE to take all available space by setting 
them to width, height: 100%

The root <HTML> automatically has the size of the visible area. In quirks mode 
the BODY also defaults to visible area, but you would still need to maximize 
the TABLE.


Received on Friday, 9 September 2005 16:11:32 UTC