Re: Are href and src part of CSS?

On 9/8/05, Jonathan Chetwynd <> wrote:
> It would be convenient for many if a particular destination was
> listed but once on a page, but might be clicked from various
> locations. This would seem to be feasible where destinations are part
> of the style and linked by class....
> Are href and src truly part of the content of a page? if not they
> might be considered part of the presentation.
> a.mylink {href:}
> img.mypix {src: clara.gif}
> Sighted mouse and keyboard use being such essentially contrasting
> disciplines.
> Activation of a link could highlight all cases of a class
> demonstrating their relation.
> Currently this is only possible for immediate proximity, and then
> with difficulty.

content: url(clara.gif) covers the second case, but the first case is
very much semantic or did you have in mind that all links would be
given an id? CSS isn't a CMS solution, but merely a presenation
system. XSLT would handle the first case better than CSS.


Orion Adrian

Received on Thursday, 8 September 2005 14:23:35 UTC