Re: CSS 3 color module and deprecation of "system" colors

Bert Bos wrote:

> The reason we have system colors and the 'appearance' property is in 
> fact the opposite: to allow designers to style form controls 
> *differently* from the system defaults.


The goal had always been to make Web pages fit better into user
platform settings. That's in the minutes of the CSS WG Sun Valley meeting
back in 1997 (I think they're old enough to be disclosed here).

   Issue: User settings in CSS?

   Agreement: It's tough to be platform neutral but we should try anyway.
      Getting at the user's preferred colors and the platform look could be
      useful, and gives readers more flexibility with their stylesheets.

    Action: Robert to look at Java API for inspiration

Following that, Robert Stevahn posted a message about the Java "Desktop
Colors" feature that eventually made its way into CSS2 as System Colors.

I agree that "Getting at the user's preferred colors" was an item of
discussion, but allow Web authors to use system colors, and hence offer
Web Applications fitting into user's preferred look and feel w/o having
to explain them User Stylesheets was a much higher goal, IIRC.

In particular, I don't think Chris Wilson and Scott Isaacs ever saw
system colors your way (they released IE with system colors in 1998).
System colors were important at that time at least for their HTC/HTA strategy.
But I could be proven wrong.


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