Re: CSS 3 color module and deprecation of "system" colors

Daniel Glazman wrote:

> The 'appearance' property was introduced under the assumption that (a) 
> system
> colors are only one of the characteristics you want/need to apply to a 
> given
> element (b) you don't need to apply such a characteristic independently of
> the others (c) system colors are too weak to represent precisely modern UIs
> that often use a combination of colors.

So, assuming that I want to have a page with two distinct sections, 
separated by a line for clarity. How would I style the document as a 
whole to use the default foreground/background colours (as the CSS 3 
appearance talks about document in terms of "a window used to represent 
a user document, typically with a titlebar that shows its name..." which 
doesn't seem too fitting"? And how could I style the line (which I'd 
just apply as, say, a bottom border of the container for the first 
section) to be the same colour as the text of the page?

I'm either missing the point of deprecating the system colours in the 
first place, or the assumptions listed above don't cover all necessary 

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