Re: CSS 3 color module and deprecation of "system" colors

Patrick H. Lauke wrote:
> Apologies for cross posting, but: could anybody shed some light as to
> why system colors have been deprecated in the CSS 3 color module?
> In my recent testing on Windows browsers, I found them to be fairly well
> supported and would posit that they can have quite a valuable role to
> play in creating accessible style sheets that match the user's set
> colour scheme / preferences (e.g. if a user has set their Windows
> environment to High Contrast, a web page can be styled to follow that
> preference).

   I have to wonder about this myself. Just because you want to use a
specific system color doesn't mean you want a specific "appearance". It
may be that you're using DHTML to create a custom widget, in which case
the widget would use the system colors without necessarily looking like
any specific system control.

Received on Sunday, 4 September 2005 01:05:39 UTC