'locking' symbols with text

People with learning disabilities or cognitive disability may prefer  
graphics with their text. This can be as frequently as one graphic  
per word, often above the word. More able students may have a graphic  
per page, or at the beginning of each sentence

There should be a simple way to lock an image to a word, so that they  
scale together.  Where these are links, people using a keyboard don't  
necessarily want to tab through two links for each word and image  
when they refer to the same link. Using tables for layout is one  

There doesn't appear to be a simple CSS solution to either of these  

Anyone have any suggestions or require further clarification?

as an example using xhtml strict 1.0:

<div id="img1"><a href="where.html"><img src="rgba.png" alt="Sabina" / 
<div id="list1"><h2><a href="where.html">Where</a> can I get help?</ 

How could one write this so that it would validate, but only have one  
href for both "Where" and the image?

This issue isn't that complex, but may not have been considered by  
the CSS working group.

The current result is that the majority of webmasters resort to using  
tables for layout as this allows text and graphics more readily to be  
associated in a predictable fashion.

Jonathan Chetwynd
Accessibility Consultant on Learning Disabilities and the Internet

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Received on Friday, 2 September 2005 08:02:42 UTC