Re: Stand-in color before images load

Barry wrote:
>>    Forbid image loading for properties of :alt. There's no reason to
>> have them anyways, since the idea is that the images can't be loaded.
>>    Then again, you could have situations where a specific image format
>> won't load.
> Yes, so I think image loading for properties of :alt should be allowed. 

One could of course always say that image loading for properties inside 
:alt is allowed, but that it won’t cause trigger another :alt if the 
loading fails.

>> I think that perhaps a different solution would be better
>> for that, though. Perhaps something like this:
>> | p { background: transparent url("marble.png", "marble.gif"); }
> I like that in addition to the above.

Hmm... If you have a mechanism to specify alternate images... why not 
allow a colour as the last parameter?

p { background: url("marble.png", "marble.gif"), transparent;  }


p { background: url("marble.png"), url("marble.gif"), transparent;  }

Using a comma for alternates is used elsewhere in the spec as well (e.g. 
content:), and there would be no need to introduce a new property. 
What’s more, existing UA’s won’t recognise the syntax in this rule and 
skip it, allowing you to provide another background rule for those with 
perhaps a non-transparant background image as a fallback solution.

Of the three, ‘transparent’ is the last alternate, but UAs can already 
temporarily render it while one of the previous alternates is being loaded.

I think this would be a pretty nice solution, better than using :alt.


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Received on Wednesday, 30 March 2005 12:56:44 UTC