Re: Why reduce font size

Kevin Lawver wrote:
> Firefox uses:
>     Serif @ 16pt
>     Times
>     Helvetica
>     Courier @ 13pt
> All at 96dpi.

Firefox is Mozilla is Gecko. The initial values are 16px & 13px in
windoze, 16px & 12px in Linux. The table at
has the default pixel values for all the <absolute-size> keyword font
sizes If your actual
DPI is 72, then those 16px & 13px defaults actually translate to 16pt &

> Opera uses:
>    Times 16pt

Opera actually defaults to 12 without declaring any obvious meaning for
the 12. In fact, the 12 at 96 DPI turns out to be 16px, precisely the
same as the default in IE6 and Gecko. IE actually gets its default the
same way as Opera. The IE default is actually 12pt, but 12pt @ 96 DPI is
just as 16px in IE as it is in Opera.
>     I don't think browser makers are planning on changing the defaul font
> sizes for their browsers anytime soon, but even if they do, it's only a
> preference away.

Gecko certainly won't be any time soon. Likely none others will either.
>     This is not a standards problem, but a design problem.  Designers, and
> authors, are too dismissive of those with failing eyesight.  We've got a
> lot of people on the standards bandwagon; it's time to get them on the
> accessibility bandwagon as well.
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