[CSS3 Text] 2 Editorial Notes + Hyphenation Files

I like most property and value names much better than the old ones.

  3.2. The White Space Processing Rules

   * 2. If 'white-space-collapse' is not 'preserve-breaks', line break
        characters are transformed for rendering into one of the
        following characters: a space character, a zero width space
        character (U+200B), or no character (i.e. not rendered),
        according to the line break transformation rules.

The last three words link (without looking like a link) to 3.2.2

  3.2.2. Line Break Transformation Rules

   When line breaks are collapsible, they are either transformed into
   a space (U+0020) or removed depending on the script context before
   and after the line break.

No mention of U+200B here, except for:

   * If the character immediately before or immediately after the line
     break is the zero width space character (U+200B), then the line
     break is removed.

  4.2. Hyphenation: the 'hyphenate' property

Although it could be postponed to a later version of CSS, please
consider the inclusion of a 'url()' value to a hyphenation dictionary
that the UA should use /in addition/ to the built-in one. If the
ressource is not found or not supported---it is out of the scope of CSS,
but not necessarily the W3C, to define such a file format---, the
browser must procede as if the value was 'auto'.

  5.1. Text Wrap Settings: the 'text-wrap' property

   When restricted text-wrapping is enabled, (...)

Is 'restricted' a former name of 'suppress' or is it any value other
than 'unrestricted'? It is not defined.

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