Re: We are where we are.... but how did we get here?

Orion Adrian schreef:
> It's time that W3C styling specs took this into account.

Have you read ???

Those are the plans to solve the layout problem, as far as I understand.

Although I don’t think it is really that much of a problem with CSS 
2.1... The difficulty of creating layouts easily right now is mainly 
caused by IE’s lack of support for the ‘display: table’ properties and 
absolute positioning with ‘width: auto’ and a specified left and right 

And I’m not really sure whether it is worthwhile to sacrifice proper 
incremental rendering in favour of being able to specify such grids.

I think the abovementioned layout techniques are really powerful and 
just not exploited well yet because they just cannot be used currently. 
Look at the amount of resources available about n-column layouts using 
floats and such. Now imagine that display: table and absolute 
positioning would work properly in the no. 1 browser, and the amount of 
information that would become available on using those effectively.


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