Re: We are where we are.... but how did we get here?

Paul Duncan wrote:

>For example I would love someone to write an explanation on the W3C website
>behind the box model the W3C choose to adopted?
Dunno, I’d say it was a choice. If you have an image of 100px on which 
you specify width: 100px and some borders, you don’t want the image to 
shrink. It’s a matter of perspective.

>Why is a second pass unworkable? (computing power has increased
>significantly since 1998... I can play Doom on my phone :-)
Because if I understand correctly a second pass would mean a reflow. 
Even on current browsers, you can see that websites which constantly 
have to reflow during loading are very slow to scroll through. Some 
insight in this would be interesting but I really don’t care.

>Why can't I style a div to align centre using align:center but instead have
>to use margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto? 
Because such a property does not exist. And alignment is the same as 
making both margins equal in width. I don’t see the problem. Sure, they 
could have introduced another shorthand property ‘align’ which 
effectively sets margin-left and margin-right to either auto auto, 0 
auto or auto 0. But it works the way it does now, and it means one 
property less to implement for UA authors.


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