Re: We are where we are.... but how did we get here?

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> On Wednesday 2005-06-29 23:43 +0300, Emrah BASKAYA wrote:
>> On Wed, 29 Jun 2005 23:28:10 +0300, L. David Baron <>
>> wrote:
>> >There are much simpler solutions for the problem of column styling than
>> >a second pass of selector matching.  For example, we could have column
>> >selectors that select based on the table semantics of the underlying
>> >content (rather than how that content happens to be displayed).
>> Well the article say is it all, it is impossible, with the current CSS
> What article?  It's most certainly possible.  And if you don't know what
> you're talking about, why are you just saying it's impossible?

I know it is well beyond possible.

I was referring to this article that Adam Kuehn posted:

>> methods, as somehow, getComputedStyle manages to be in the heart of the
>> problem, because CSS2.1 tells us so. So it must not be possible for a
> getComputedStyle has nothing to do with it; it's an API that is
> independent of CSS.

I know!

>> browser to tell how it colored a cell, because if it does, this is  
>> against
>> CSS2.1 rules. It shouldn't know how it colored an element to conform  
>> 2.1 .
>> Which is much better than actually being able to color the 'thing'.
> I have no idea what you're trying to say here.

Hope you do now.

> -David


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