Re: We are where we are.... but how did we get here?

On Wednesday 2005-06-29 23:24 +0300, Emrah BASKAYA wrote:
> The 2nd extra pass, coupled with proper support for the first pass (which  
> IE lacks, but the other leading browsers already have), is no big deal. We  
> can already change styles, change layout positions, clone nodes, move  
> nodes to an entirely different branch in the document tree, all with  
> Javascript+DOM. The UA's are that powerful. Why shouldn't a UA, soon as it  
> realises the element belongs to a specific coloumn, give it proper  
> styling? Why should it be any more complicated than that?

There are much simpler solutions for the problem of column styling than
a second pass of selector matching.  For example, we could have column
selectors that select based on the table semantics of the underlying
content (rather than how that content happens to be displayed).


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