[CSS3 Text] Reference to JIS X 4051


WD-css3-text-20050627 includes an informative reference to JIS X 4051
as follows [1]:

    JIS X 4051-1995. Line Composition Rules for Japanese Documents.
    (『日本語文晝の行組版方法』) Japanese Standards Association. 1995.

However, JIS X 4051 was substantially updated in 2004 and its title has
changed, too.  JIS X 4051:1995 was replaced by JIS X 4051:2004 and is
obsolete now, so unless the CSS WG has some compelling reason to stick
to 1995 version, the reference should be updated to something like this:

    JIS X 4051:2004. Formatting rules for Japanese documents.
    (『日本語文書の組版方法』) Japanese Standards Association. 2004.

Also note that "晝" (U+FF5D) is incorrect, it should be "書" (U+66F8).

[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/2005/WD-css3-text-20050627/#JIS4051

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