Re: Invisible Text

Martijn wrote:
> On 6/24/05, Matthew Raymond <> wrote:
>>    I like the negative value idea. It allows for the content to be
>>forced off the page in CSS1 browsers. It's still feels like a dirty
>>hack, though. I may go back to just using <span> elements with "display:
> Yes, it is a hack, it also causes weird focus rings in current trunk
> Mozilla builds, when the element is focusable:

    Yeah, it is a hack. I'd prefer something like "color: transparent" 
if it would work. Using "content: none" would also be nice...

    Is there a less hackish way of hiding text using CSS 1 or CSS 2.1? 
It's looking more and more like a styled <span> is the cleanest way to go.

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