Re: Invisible Text

Martijn wrote:
> Well, I think nowadays a very large negative text-indent is used to
> hide the text in current browsers,

    I was going to use text-indent and "overflow: hidden" to hide the 
content, but then I realized that browser with only CSS 1 support would 
look kinda strange. I may just have to settle for that, though. It 
actually works well in IE6, Firefox and Opera 8. I didn't use a negative 
value, though:

| text-index: [value greater than width];
| overflow: hidden;

    I like the negative value idea. It allows for the content to be 
forced off the page in CSS1 browsers. It's still feels like a dirty 
hack, though. I may go back to just using <span> elements with "display: 

 > but css has got color:transparent,
> which would be a convenient way to hide text:

    I'd actually tried something similar ("color: rgba(0,0,0,0);"), but 
it didn't work in IE, Firefox or Opera. The same is true for the 
"transparent" keyword. I know I have the CSS right because "color: red;" 
works fine.

Received on Friday, 24 June 2005 13:11:33 UTC