Re: Is Safari right or wrong? Should "display: none" prevent form elements from being submitted?


>    No, because then the stylesheet would be controlling behavior in 
> addition to presentation. Should changing the stylesheet or switching to 
> no style (as in Firefox) affect whether or not form controls are 
> successful? I don't see a use case for that, and even if there was one, 
> XBL could cover it.

That is a great point.

>    In any event, the name of the property is "display", so if it can 
> affect form control submission, it's poorly labeled.

That too is a great point, but you were completely correct that we were 
actually referring to "visibility: hidden" rather than "display: hidden" 
despite typing the latter; I should have caught that when replying to Allan, 
but school work and work work had me very tired last night.  Thank you for 
pointing out my error.

Kind regards,

Brian Sexton 

Received on Thursday, 23 June 2005 18:25:32 UTC