RE: Fwd: [CSS21] properties for table-column (In HTML: COL) & table-column-group (In HTML: COLGROUP) items.

> The only valid properties for table-column type elements
> <a href="">17.3
> Columns</a> are 'border', 'background',  'width',  and 'visibility'.

> Additionally these elements should support 'color', and the various
> 'text', 'font' and 'align' properties. All of the supported properties

>I agree these should/must be supported.
>As we move away from tables being used for layout and start using tables
>their intended purpose which is to display data, CSS2.1 and (X)HTML
>prove inadequate. Try highlighting a column in a table and you find the
>required bloated, complex and unintuitive. How much easier would it be to
>change the columns colour property?
>Tables by their nature consist of elements grouped by columns. These
>properties will have to be supported at some point so let's get the ball
>rolling :-)

Can't you just use an :nth-child for tds in a tr?

tr:nth-child(1) {

Just specificy what you want the colors to be inside of nth-child, and move
on with life.  This should allow you to color any column you please.
Course, the requires nth-child support but yeah... css will do it with


Received on Wednesday, 22 June 2005 15:50:04 UTC