Re: Proposal: display-order for serialization display order

I had proposed a similar thing which let the user do major layout changes  
with CSS but was found to be not good enough. Your proposal suits the CSS  
syntax better, good luck defending your proposal, I like it. I don't  
really understand how it wouldn't effect document flow, tho.

On Fri, 17 Jun 2005 11:37:56 +0300, Sander van Dragt  
<> wrote:

> A property that sets the serialization display order of a selector  
> within a
> parent element without affecting the document flow, independent of the
> source-code.
> All current methods to achieve a comparable separation of style
> (position:absolute, position:relative, float etc) will take the selector  
> out
> of the document flow and are therefore imperfect or sometimes unsuitable  
> for
> any content with unknown dimensions: e.g. a table of contents of that is
> marked up (in the source) after the news-stories of march that it relates
> to. (As you'll never know how much news stories there will be for a  
> month).
> It is then impossible to display the too tightly before the stories.
> display: inline | first
> block | last
> .... | before(id)
> | after(id)
> | number


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