Re: Proposal: %% units

Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:

>PS: People here are pretty busy, try to reduce entropy in answers.
Whatever dude. Be offensive if you wish. >_< That won’t help your 
proposal getting accepted.

I repeat, your definition of ‘allotting space to units other than %% 
first’ is grossly underspecified, and this *will not work* with 
inline-block (and thus not work at all because *that’s the only flow 
model that it works for*), unless you give some good specification of 
how it should behave in such an inline context, with the cases I 
mentioned taken into consideration.

For this to ever make it into CSS, I’d say it needs to be a whole lot 
better defined, with the (I think fundamental) flaws that I mentioned 

What about making a response which doesn’t avoid all the key issues I 
raise for once. And what about not being demeaning in the responses 
*that* you make.


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