[css3] Specification Print Rules

Dear CSS WG,

can you finally (it always annoyed me, and it surely always annoyed others)
please, please modify or even remove the following declaration from all CSS
3 specification style sheets:

  margin: 0 0 0 8.5em !important;

As far as I remember, it's used everywhere, and I just came across it in the
(style sheet for) the latest CSS 3 Basic UI module [1]. The evil is located
in the print specific rule for the "body" element.

For the records, it causes a supercool mega-indent when you print all those
documents. Hey, though that entire stuff is admittedly hot, I do /not/ want
to triple my paper budget (and I don't even want to think about disabling
CSS, saving any file locally, or anything else you thought your audience
would do). Does anybody else?

And by the way - if you really, really want to set the official W3C world
record for changing anything quickly, hey, then that's the moment you have
been waiting for...! :)

Thank you,

[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/2004/CR-css3-ui-20040511/default.css

Jens Meiert
Information Architect


Received on Monday, 13 June 2005 19:30:09 UTC