Re: Correct alignment inheritance behavior for dir="rtl"

On 31 May 2005 at 17:54, L. David Baron wrote:

> This is actually an HTML issue rather than a CSS issue, since the
> behavior of HTML's align attribute on divs (the way it affects blocks or
> tables that don't fill the width of their container) can't be described
> in CSS.  

I'm not so sure about the first bit of that sentence. Perhaps CSS 
should have something like this:

    Value:  	left | right | center | auto
    Initial:  	auto
    Applies to:  	block level elements in normal flow that have 
neither right nor left margins.
    Inherited:  	yes
    Percentages:  	N/A
    Media:  	visual
    Computed value:  	as specified

Reasons for could be:
- It seems to be an intuitive author feature as suggested by the 
amount of usage of legacy HTML constructs such as <center> and <td 
- It would supply a clear description for UA:s of how to handle the 
backwards compatibility conflict (overriding 'text-align' and/or its 
values like some do dosen't seem like a good solution).

Reasons against:
- It is "yet another feature".
- It would clash with 'margin' (which is a "for" reason as well since 
it would clarify that implemenations that does not resolve the 
conflict are in error).

I think such a property should not work only on the descendants, but 
on the element it was specified as well.


Received on Wednesday, 1 June 2005 17:00:33 UTC