Re: Initial Value

Felix Miata wrote:
> OK, so still from
> the result of
> the reset to initial value is font-size: medium.


>>   font-size: 70%;

>>Note that this is all happening while the _specified_ value is being determined.
>>  There is no inheritance involved yet; the resulting specified value of
>>"font-size" is 70%.  This leads to a computed value of "11.2px" in your case,
>>since the computed value of font-size is an absolute length.
> 70% (specified via font) of 20px (per the testcase, the actual UA
> default setting reset by font to medium)

No.  Again, all the "font" shorthand in question does to the "font-size" is 
effectively specify:

   font-size: medium;
   font-size: 70%;

When converting the 70% to an absolute length, the "percentages" section in the 
description of the font-size property is applied.  I don't see where you're 
insisting on pulling the "UA default setting" out of here... it doesn't matter 
what the UA default setting is; only what the computed font-size of the parent 
of the node in question is.


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