Initial Value

I brought this up on css-d without getting an answer I understand. Refer
to the following testcase:
and these spec for "initial value" and for "font":

Here's the relevant portion of the DOM tree for the testcase loaded into
Gecko with the UA default size set to 20px:
	body (80% x 20px = 16px computed) (80% x 80% x 20px = 12.8px computed)
		p.two (80% x 70% x 20px = 11.2px computed)

The way I read the language in the specs, using the font property is
supposed to reset all properties to their initial values, and then apply
any values explicit among the parameters supplied to font. To my
understanding, this use of "initial values" means discarding all
inheritance derived from author or user styles, taking the values
supplied by the UA via its user preference settings. Obviously according
to Domi, Gecko is not interpreting the spec language the same as I am. My
expectation would be for p.two to compute to 14px. What is it I'm missing
regarding the definition of initial value? If not to the values from the
UA, what exactly is being reset? What does this "reset" actually
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