Notes on Paged Media

Table 2. Initial values for Margin Boxes

Is misleading, overall width of the box itself (margin and all) for 
top-left-corner (and similar) should not exceed the values of width and 
height as specified, if I understand that correctly, this needs to be 
made clearer in the actual (in-fact wrong) definition as the table dictates.

    left and right printing defs need to be clarified, that they apply 
only to two sided printing, otherwise the algorithim would result in 
never-ending blank pages.   And/Or, Facing/Reverse property names 
instead (using text direction, ltr text would have "right" as Facing, 
and "left" as reverse, typical for most of the other CSS3 specs, as well 
as makes more sense in a page model (japanese readers read from what the 
US readers would call the back of the book, in normal circumstances for 
instance).  This may be too late to change property name though.

~Justin Wood

Received on Friday, 25 June 2004 00:23:16 UTC