RE: Notes on Paged Media


Thank you for your comments on the CR version of the CSS3 Paged Media
Module [1], archived in:

Your issues, shown below, have been assigned comment 02 and 03. 

Comment 02:
> Table 2. Initial values for Margin Boxes
> Is misleading, overall width of the box itself (margin and all) for 
> top-left-corner (and similar) should not exceed the values of 
> width and 
> height as specified, if I understand that correctly, this needs to be 
> made clearer in the actual (in-fact wrong) definition as the 
> table dictates.

Comment 03:
> page-break-*:
>     left and right printing defs need to be clarified, that 
> they apply 
> only to two sided printing, otherwise the algorithim would result in 
> never-ending blank pages.   And/Or, Facing/Reverse property names 
> instead (using text direction, ltr text would have "right" as Facing, 
> and "left" as reverse, typical for most of the other CSS3 
> specs, as well 
> as makes more sense in a page model (japanese readers read 
> from what the 
> US readers would call the back of the book, in normal 
> circumstances for 
> instance).  This may be too late to change property name though.

A reply to your comments is in the works.

 - Jim Bigelow, editor


Received on Friday, 25 June 2004 20:54:49 UTC