Color Module (CR) Clarifications Needed

The following from the Color Spec (imo) need to be clarified:

currentColor:  When defined on the `color` property should have same 
behavior as inherit (being UA default when it is the ::root)

System Colors:
    Listed as deprecated, clarification should be made for UA 
conformance when dealing with deprecated values, the paragraph said some 
profiles may not use it, though would a newly created CSS3-Color 
conformance profile need it?

CSS3 Profiles:
    Missing an entire CSS3 Profile specification, which makes it 
misleading to those glancing imo (SVG and Html versions have different 
conformance req's?) to some peoples eyes.

Color Keywords:
    SVG Color Keywords, and HTML Color Keywords should not be seperated 
in full, keep the close together, if not part of the same normative 
declaration, (Include difference info in CSS Profile section at end of 

    Display error, descriptors and their corresponding value 
descriptions are not indented correctly, makes for a confusing read.

    A explicitly declared non-normative description/summary of the CSS3 
keywords should be included.

    <name>:   if none is found should resort back to `auto` rather than 
limiting a failure remark to 'images' where it could be specified on 
non-images, with a failure case.
    ----This property seems directly ported from SVG and/or ICC (without 
reading either spec other than a quick skim in the past), perhaps 
re-wording of descriptions to better show full CSS use-cases?

    alpha-value error description, >1.0 yields 1.0, less than 0.0 
(possible?) yields 0.0

~Justin Wood

Received on Thursday, 24 June 2004 23:59:10 UTC