Re: [css3] Proposal: Additional adjacent combinator (E - F)

Hi Ian,

> Your suggestion breaks a fundamental tennet of Selectors up to now, namely
> that the last element mentioned in the selector chain is the one that
> matches the selector.

I also thought about this issue (though not absolutely referring of the
tenet you mentioned), and I initially wanted to suggest anything like 'E < F',
but this seemed misleadingly analog to the child selector, I guess.

> Personally to solve this I prefer my :matches() proposal. See:

Well, am I right assuming that the problem I outlined is solved by e.g.

    h1:has(h1 > div)

or do I got it wrong? -- If that's correct, I of course favor this
suggestion as a more than appropriate replacement for the 'E - F' idea ;)

Best regards,

Jens Meiert
Interface Architect

Received on Tuesday, 27 January 2004 23:22:14 UTC