RE: [css3-page] examples in 3.3.2 (page size) are 'US-centric'(?)

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> From: Jungshik Shin <>
> There are two examples (excluding the first example for 'auto') given in
> section 3.3.2 and both of them refer to US letter. I think at least one
> of them had better use ISO A4, instead given that virtually all other
> countries use ISO A4. Besides, as already pointed out twice, A4 is only
> 21.0 cm wide and 29.7 cm high instead of 210cm and 297cm. It might be a
> good idea to use 21.0 cm and 29.7 cm instead of 210 mm and 297 mm
> because numbers (21.0 and 29.7) are more comparable to 8.5 and 11 for
> US letter than 210 and 297.

I always applaud a call for more diversity in the examples, so I shall
second your call for an example using A4 paper.  However I must
strongly oppose your suggestion to use cm instead of mm.

There already exists a non-W3C international standard [1] for specifying
paper sizes, and the only units it uses are in and mm. I would hope that
this module would hew more closely to it and possibly even include it by
reference as other W3C standards do for specifying languages and
MIME types.  However, since that standard does not use cm, I would
prefer that even if W3C decides to roll its own that it restrict its
to using just in and mm.


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