Re: Possible inadequacies in CSS3 Border-Image proposed specification

On Sat, 17 Jan 2004, Vincent Starre wrote:
> I guess I've made my argument for allowing the use of three images per
> corner. Does anyone have an argument against?

IMHO, 16 images is already an insanely large number. It causes this draft
to add a bazillion new properties, almost guarenteeing that nobody will
ever implement it, and definitely ensuring that it is impossible for
anyone to make a thorough test suite in finite time (and therefore making
it very likely that if anyone _did_ implement it, they would not do a
reliable job of it).

Allowing 24 images would make this already barely tractable problem orders
of magnitude worse.

> Of course, if this is the wrong place to even mention such things, please
> send me a private e-mail telling me who I should talk to.

This is exactly the right place.

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